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What is Marriage and Family Counseling?

Professionals, such as Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Counselors, Social Workers, and Family Therapists are there to help the family/couple gain significant understanding of relationship dynamics and background issues that may be influencing the problem, and to come up with solutions.

What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? (ADHD)

ADHD is a common behavioral disorder that affects an estimated 8% to 10% of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with it, though it's not yet understood why. Children with ADHD act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing. They may understand what's expected of them but have trouble following through because they can't sit still, pay attention, or attend to details. Of course, all kids (especially younger ones) act this way at times, particularly when they're anxious or excited. But the difference with ADHD is that symptoms are present over a longer period of time and occur in different settings. They impair a child's ability to function socially, academically, and at home with proper treatment, children with ADHD can learn to successfully live with and manage their symptoms.

When is it time to seek help?

Transitional changes which occur throughout one's life, such as divorce, remarriage, the birth of a child, loss of a parent, job or career change, are in themselves normal life transitions which may require outside intervention and help. Time to solve communication and other problems before severe problems arise is also a good time to take emotional inventory. Prevention is also a positive element of seeking help.

What are Child and Adolescent Services?

Children require special services when families go through certain experiences, such as divorce or other loss. Grieving and depression can manifest themselves through misbehavior and anger. Children who have attention deficit problems are also at risk. Neuropsychiatric consultation and testing are available.

What are Clinical Services?

Ms. Morris views her practice from a Systems Perspective and from a developmental model. Each person and their life circumstances are unique and different. A respect for how people solve problems is a central part of the therapeutic process. Counseling related to brief and problem-focused/solution-focused therapy is directed to give the clients tools to improve their life and families.
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